Digital transformation at the point of care

Digital technology has the potential to transform the way patients and frontline staff experience and deliver healthcare.

Not only can it help budgets go further, but it can also help individuals, teams and organisations to provide better outcomes for patients. To truly achieve its potential, however, digital transformation needs to go right to the point of care.

Visibility, accuracy, efficiency

We think that the primary benefits of digital transformation are visibility, accuracy and efficiency. Capturing data from activities, treatments and observations can support decision-making at the frontline, as well as provide an overall view of demand, capacity and bottlenecks. Using digital devices, whether mobile, touchscreen or bedside terminal, also helps to improve communication and knowledge-sharing as well as helping to make healthcare paper-free at the point of care.

Watch the ExtraMed overview video to see how it makes information available where it’s needed in real-time.

Supporting care at the frontline

Digital can help staff spend more of their time attending to patients and less time recording, calculating and checking. Digital can proactively calculate, monitor and alert, increasing accuracy and helping teams to prioritise. It can also monitor and help manage the flow of patients through the hospital and the wider care system, providing visibility and intelligence on things that delay discharge.

Better decisions and better care

We understand that usability is crucial in ensuring that it’s at least as easy to use the new technology as it was the old. The visibility of patients’ status, progress and situations helps care teams make better decisions.

Digital inclusion and accessibility

Making information accessible is important for both patients and healthcare professionals. For patients, it means having access to information about their care in a way that they are able to use. Delivering information and content about their stay, their condition, self-care and rehabilitation helps to ensure they are informed, engaged and empowered. It is also provden to reduce readmissions rates.

Communication and collaboration

ExtraMed creates flexible solutions and infrastructure to support care across the entire care pathway. From GP referral to support from the social care system, a joined-up view helps to remove unnecessary delays to discharge, gives healthcare professionals the data to problem-solve and plan, and gives Trusts an accurate and detailed picture of activity across their estate.

Building trust and learning

Digital transformation is a journey. The ways that it delivers savings and improves care will continue to evolve. ExtraMed is committed to extending and improving its solutions and infrastructure, so it continues to support patients, staff, teams and Trusts at the point of care.

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