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Integrating health and social care for better discharge processes

Integrating health and social care for improved discharge processes with ExtraMed Patient Flow

Integrating health and social care is widely regarded as a crucial objective from making step improvements in healthcare. So it was interesting to meet with ExtraMed users in Derbyshire who are using it as the platform to connect health, social and community care teams to support better discharge processes.

We met Binda Gill (Senior Social Worker, Derby City Council), Trudi Jones (IT Project Manager, Royal Derby Hospital), and Nina Smith (Discharge Lead, Royal Derby Hospital) to talk about how they evolved their ExtraMed patient flow system to integrate admission, care and discharge processes across primary, secondary, social and community care in Derbyshire.

Read more about the how Derby Royal NHSFT is integrating health and social care for better discharge processing. Download the full article.

The challenges around discharge

Derby Hospitals NHS Trust introduced ExtraMed in 2013 initially to support bed management and help address winter pressures. The system was readily adopted and things were going well with the team making use of ExtraMed’s other functions to provide early visibility of patients’ needs, enable staff to better manage their caseloads and prepare for discharges.

It became clear, however, that there was a bottleneck: in many cases medically fit people couldn’t be discharged because the packages and responses required outside the hospital to ensure safe discharge weren’t yet in place. To compound the issue, discharge referrals were done manually with ward staff writing out or filling in forms to be faxed or emailed to an admin team to action. Up to 100 forms a day would come into the admin hub and the highly fragmented nature of the process made it inefficient and disjointed.

What’s more, when patients moved from one organisation to another, they experienced reduced quality of care as community staff didn’t always know where they were or what was happening to them. Thankfully, a collaboration formed between Derby Hospital, Derby City Council, Derbyshire County Council, Southern Derbyshire CCG and Erewash CCG. Together they formed a project team with the aim of building a bespoke discharge referral system with ExtraMed at its core.

Extending ExtraMed into the community

Download ExtraMed InDepth: Integrating health and social care in Derbyshire“The aim was to transform the service model, removing the boundaries that existed between and within organisations so that high quality and seamless care could be delivered along the entire length of the patient pathway,” Trudi Jones explained.

The first step was to define what each user group wanted. The Trust then committed to an initial outlay on software development, appointing a Project Manager to embed the initiative across organisational boundaries. System training was initially delivered to GPs, Care Coordinators, District Nursing teams, Social Services and Single Point of Access (SPA) teams. KPIs were agreed, including readmission rates and length of stay in acute care.

When the software was ready, three similar-sized GP practices within Southern Derbyshire were selected to pilot the new system. Following early project success, another 54 GP surgeries across Derbyshire went live. Erewash CCG subsequently joined with its 12 practices, followed by the SPA teams soon after.

The system continued to grow considerably since its introduction. By the end of 2018, there were more than 8,000 users in the Trust alone, including dieticians and consultants and a further 800 users in the community, such as GPs and practice staff, therapists, community nurses, social services personnel, carers associations and intermediate care teams.

Trudi Jones observes, “far from having to push it out to sceptical partners, the reverse is the case: potential user groups are requesting to be added to the system and then requesting additional functionality.”

Evolving patient flow

“Early information is helping matrons and care coordinators provide increased support on discharge which has been shown to reduce readmission rates within 30 days,” Nina Smith explained. The benefits of this integration include:

  • Reduced or no discharge delays
  • Earlier and better visibility for all teams with live views, access to current care plans
  • 24/7 communication channels within and without the hospital walls
  • Automated alerts for responsive care and intervention
  • Faster action improves patient experience
  • No more wasted home visits as patient movements into hospital are logged
  • Flow of information means everyone is in the loop at the right time
  • More timely support means admissions can be avoided

The experience in Derby and Derbyshire proves that integrated health and social care can become a reality through collaboration and user-friendly technology. The key seems to be to evolve out from teams, systems and processes, rather than wait for a ‘big bang’. If you want to find out how ExtraMed is designed to evolve your patient flow, contact us to arrange a demo.

Read more about the how Derby Royal NHSFT is integrating health and social care for better discharge processing. Download the full article.

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