Our portfolio of solutions use digital technology to help hospitals deliver better care and a better patient experience.

ExtraMed Patient Flow

ExtraMed replaces manual processes with an intuitive digital solution that gives frontline staff and NHS Trusts real, actionable visibility of patient flow.

Vital Signs & Nursing Assessments

Available via PC, tablet, smartphone or ExtraMed bedside terminal, clinical staff can record patient observations digitally.

Case Studies

Find out how we’re helping NHS Trusts, hospitals and frontline staff deliver digital transformation at the point of care. View all the case studies here.

Dealing with winter pressures

With some concerns about winter bed pressures, the Royal Derby Hospital made improvement in this area a top priority.

A&E 4 hour targets at Luton and Dunstable

Luton and Dunstable NHS Trust have consistently exceeded the 4 hour A&E waiting time standard. How are they doing it?

Better nursing assessments

How East Lancashire Hospitals worked with ExtraMed to enhance assessments, support staff, improve handovers and increase data flow.

Integrating Patient Flow and Pharmacy services

In many hospitals, requests for Pharmacy services are made via paper forms. Can integrating patient flow and Pharmacy services deliver better results?

Not only are medication requests often made using paper forms, but medication details are often recorded in patients’ paper notes. The result is that the process is often reliant on phone calls. The Pharmacy team may even be making daily visits to wards to see if any patients require their support.

This approach takes up valuable staff time, can lead to errors, reduces visibility, and it can even delay patient discharges. Integrating patient flow and pharmacy teams provides the information and visibility needed to be proactive and more effective.

Download the Patient Flow product sheet for more information, or you can contact us to arrange an online demo.

A real-time view of patient flow for the Pharmacy team

The ExtraMed Patient Flow solution presents all the relevant information in a patient list view. It provides visibility of all pharmacy and medication review requests and can be sorted by the request date or the Estimated Discharge Date. Jobs can be prioritised better, and the system allows for allocation to a specific team member. The current status of a pharmacy request is also visible across the patient flow system – on the ward, with the discharge team, even in social or community care.

Save time, improve resources and improve care

Ultimately, integrating patient flow and pharmacy services helps to save time, optimise resources and improve the quality of care for patients. As well as improving the discharge process, it also reduces the chance of a request being missed or over-allocated.

Key features for Pharmacy teams

    • Sortable view of all patients across the hospital who need Pharmacy services
    • Real-time view of workload and priorities
    • Better resources management with team members able to plan their day based on patient needs and locations
    • Improves patient safety with tasks sorted on request date or patient’s EDD
    • Out-of-the-box reports to identify patients who have not had their medication reconciled or clinically checked
    • Real-time information allows teams to work from anywhere in the hospital
    • Provides transparency and shared view of patient’s needs
    • Tasks can be updated from anywhere in the hospital, and shared visibility keeps ward staff up-to-date with progress

Promotes clinical excellence with visual indictors when tasks have breached SLAs

Download the Patient Flow product sheet for more information, or contact us to arrange a demo.

Patient Flow Key Benefits

ExtraMed Patient Flow brings efficiency to multiple areas of practice and care.

Delivers cost savings

Up to £3.4m per year for an average 500-bed hospital.

Reduces length of stay

By increasing the visibility of patient status and improving communication between teams, delays and blockers can be reduced and removed.

Tailored functionality for your teams

In-patient, ED, Surgery and Mental Health and Community modules with specific functionality for each area.

Improves patient care

Patient Flow by ExtraMed makes information about the patient’s care pathway more visible and uses alerts and automation to help teams prioritise.

Greater accuracy

Digital collection and calculation reduces the room for error.

A solution that evolves

ExtraMed Patient Flow expands and adapts as your needs and scope develop.

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